Web Novels

MECHA: Sci-fi meets fantasy

MECHA revolves around a young man named Kevyn, who survived conscription in a futuristic society. He is a shut-in gamer, notorious for his bad behavior and ruthlessness in games. And one day, he is forced to conscription, again. How can a good-for-nothing gamer survive on a battlefield where the enemy is an alien race so deadly they kill tens of thousands of soldiers annually?

The answer lies beneath the surface of the planet. Although technology helps Kevyn survive, it won’t be enough. A creature that defies all logic appears, and she sets her eyes on Kevyn. It isn’t psionic power she harnesses, but something else. Before long, they discover that it’s magic and that there’s a parallel dimension wherein magic is common.

Kevyn and the otherworldly being work in tandem to stop the annihilation of mankind.

Ch 1 -> Ch 2 -> Ch 3 -> [more to come]

Cursed: Paranormal Dark Fantasy

This web novel will be updated in the future.

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