Eater of Faces, Part 2 (Short Story)

Oookay, the confusing horror story of a face-eating monster continues. Enjoy! (P.S. I’m going to reveal something cool this week, it’ll be 100% free. Stay tuned!)

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The face-eating monster keeps haunting him

27th Time

June, third calendar day. As I step out of the store, a sudden thought comes to my mind—nay, it’s not a thought, but a memory, I think? I remember a shadow, it had a huge maw and it was about to consume someone. Oh well, I think it was just a dream I’d seen at some point.

After a few dozen meters from the store, a young lady appears from the dark of night, walking slowly towards me. She smiles beautifully, I wonder who she is. Her clothes aren’t flashy, so I don’t think she’s from a rich family. I mean, rich people (especially women) seldom wear hoodies, right? Or am I totally wrong here?

But as I look at her, a strange sense of deja-vu comes to me. Strange, maybe I’d seen her in a dream? Or was she in the same primary school? Ugh, my head hurts the more I try to figure it out.

Hi,” she says.

Hi.” I don’t feel like flirting with women now, my head is aching.

Did you like it?”

No matter how I think about it, I can’t come to understand what she means by that. “What?”

Do you feel even slightly better now?”

By any chance, was I drunk last weekend? I mean, did I get laid? I don’t remember such. Jeez, she’s causing my headache to worsen. “I have no idea what you mean by that.”

Do you feel scared?” She asks.

Now that I think about it, yes, I do feel a little scared for some reason. “A little, yes. Why?”

Ugh, you know, you’re the first one to remember the previous iterations, even if it’s just an emotion your body remembers. Tell me, do you use drugs?”

The hell is this lady talking about!? Drugs? Iterations? What!? “You know, I don’t like women who spout nonsense the moment I meet them.”

The lady laughs. “Then it’s fine for me to spout nonsense, isn’t it?”

Her brains must be damaged somehow. “Get to the point. I need to get home soon.”

The lady sighs. “If you can’t remember the previous iterations, then it’s pointless. I’ll try to keep at it until you start remembering. Let’s just hope that you won’t lose your sanity.”

The next thing that happens is something that my heart will remember always.

32nd Time

June, third calendar day. Ever since I left the store I’ve felt fearful. Once I’m home, I drop my stuff on the floor and strip. I need a long shower to wash the fear off my shoulders.

I let the water run for a moment so that the warm water starts flowing. I test it with my toe, and once warm, I enter the shower. For a couple of minutes, I just stand there, wondering what could make my heart pound in fear, until I sit down in a yoga pose. I’ve never sat while showering, and now that I think about it, it feels relaxing, to let the warm water flow upon me.


Such a name comes to my mind.

1st Time

June, fourth calendar day. I wake up in the morning, prepare some coffee, and once it’s time, I’m going to school. As I get outside, a cold gust of wind reminds me of something. The memory is vague, but it makes my heart pounding in terror. It’s vexing.

A few blocks later, some young lady calls me out. “Hey there! How are you?”

I’m fine.”

Are you still scared?”

Strange, I am scared, how did she know? If I think about it, that lady does remind me of someone.

What do you mean?”

Nothing. Have a nice day.”


After I’m done with school for today, I’m heading to my part-time job. I asked my friends at school if they knew about a symptom that causes permanent fear. I don’t think I’ve been to a near-death situation recently so it can’t be that, now can it?

They didn’t really find the answer for me. I guess I need to figure this out by myself, and soon. This may become a problem if I grow fearful of everything around me. It’d mean no more school or work, which translates to screwed up future.

Much later in the future, I’ll get to know that today, the fourth day of June, repeats itself 2567 times without me knowing it.

2567th Time

June, fourth calendar day. I wake up in the morning with a strange feeling. It’s like I’d forgotten something, but I can’t recall what. I brew some coffee as I ponder over it. Important it had to be, otherwise, I wouldn’t be straining myself this hard.

I shouldn’t waste my time, I need to get to school. I grab my bag and leave, our teacher can be rough if he catches us being late for a class. Just thinking about all that homework he’d make us do if we got late, yikes!

Of course, I get to school right on time. What follows is an ordinary school day.


It’s starting to get dark, I’m heading to my part-time job as soon as I finish my homework. I work four hours a day, any more than that and I’d never get my homework done. It’s tiresome as it is.

Halfway to the store, I encounter a young lady I’ve never seen before. She is smiling beautifully, looking at me. Is she just flirting with me? A building next to us blocks the last light of the day, so it’s too dark for me to see her face clearly, therefore, I can’t tell if she’s a beauty or not. Also, if I’m not mistaken, her face is muddied…?

Hi.” The lady greets.

Hello.” Since she started it, I let her lead the conversation.

I might need help. There is a guy injured over there.” The lady points the direction.

In that dark alley?” I ask. It looks like an attempt of robbery to me. Isn’t this how every ignorant character gets robbed in the movies?


Hmm.” It’s not like she can rob me in the public, so I just walk over to the alley without going further in there. If I see a wounded person, I’ll help. Anyway, she keeps smiling like an idiot, so that does make me suspicious.

As soon as I get a good look at the alley, I see someone lying on the ground some dozen yards from the street. “What happened?” I ask as I rush over.

See for yourself.” The lady states. Something about that statement makes my spine shiver.

Ignoring the fear creeping in my heart, I turn the young man on the ground around so that I can see his face more clearly—

only to find it missing.

My hands are frozen still, the shivers run down my spine even worse. I have never seen a human’s face peeled off like someone had made a clean slice with a sharp knife. I almost throw up.

I ate his face, for the 2567th time.”

W-what?” I stutter in fear.

I decided to ignore you and changed my prey, but after a few years of eating someone else’s face, a sudden longing came, I had to come back to you. After all, you were the first one to remember the previous iterations, even if it’s just an emotion. So, shall we begin our bloody relationship for all of eternity, like an immortal couple of lovers?”

Heart pounding, I stare at her face which is bloodied all over, it was this lady I’d forgotten, I’m sure of it. She had to be the thing I’d forgotten. To think that I’ve forgotten a monster like her, just what’s going on!?

Bon Appetit!” She says.

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Eater of Faces (Short Story)

The Face-Eating Woman

1st Time

June, third calendar day. I see a figure, a dark slim figure of a lady, wandering in the night. She looks drunk, maybe she was partying? I don’t know, the way she’s walking reminds me of a zombie. By the way, I don’t believe in paranormal.

I walk over, asking her if she needs help or anything. I don’t want to see a news about a dead young lady in tomorrow’s newspaper. That’d make me feel horrible since I could’ve prevented it.

Hey, need help?”

The young lady turns to look me in the eyes. Yep, she ain’t a zombie, just a regular hu—wait, I think there’s mud on her face. Nevermind that, she might have just stumbled face-first.

Huh?” The young lady snorts.

Need help?” I repeat myself.

The young lady doesn’t seem to care. “No.” She starts walking away slowly.

You look drunk.”

She stops, turning around. “Yes, I’m drunk.” I still can’t see her face properly, it’s too dark and the streetlight that should light this spot is broken.

Should I walk you home?”

The young lady snorts again. Is that a bad habit of hers? “What home? I have none.”

Are you a beggar, then? How did you get drunk?”

Listen,” the lady begins, “I like you. You saw my face but you aren’t running away. Interesting. But it doesn’t change the fact that you are a meal.”

Huh? What is she saying? “Excuse me?”

It’s nothing.”

I think I should walk you somewhere, so tell me where you were partying. I’ll take you there.” And I’m thinking of calling some doctor if she keeps blabbering nonsense like that.

You see, I had a blast, but it wasn’t because of a party. I’ve been alone for quite a long period now. I’m just looking for something to eat, tee-hee.”

Food? Should I treat you to a burger?”

Yuck!” The young lady almost throws up, or at least it seems so. “Don’t wanna.”

Are you sure? I don’t think I should just leave you here like this.”

Aish, if you really need to satisfy your sense of justice, then see that corner over there? There’s someone who might need your help.” She points at a corner of a brick house some dozens of meters away.

I start walking there at once, fearing that someone might be hurt. Thankfully, that corner is lighted by the streetlight so I can see the person she was talking about. There is a man sitting over there like he was unconscious. He must be hurt somehow.

Hey, you okay?” I ask in case he happens to be conscious.

The man doesn’t respond. I take a closer look at his face—what the hell!? “Holy…!”

That man has no face. It’s like his face was peeled carefully with a sharp and long blade.

He tasted good.” Someone whispers in my ear.

Startled, I turn around. “What happened to him!?”

I ate his face.” The young lady’s smile conveys her thoughts. She really means it. Wait, now I can see her face. It wasn’t mud, it just looked like mud in dark.

Your… face! You—! You really ate him!?” Her mouth is bloodied, and beneath that blood, a beautiful smile tries to tell me that it’s okay and that I shouldn’t worry.

I wonder how do you taste.” Her smile is truly beautiful.

2nd Time

June, third calendar day. I’m walking home from the part-time job like every day. I’m walking fast as it’s already late and strange people tend to come out at this hour. I don’t want to meet anyone like that.

I’m taking a different route today, one that I seldom take unless I have no other choice. I wouldn’t say it’s my only option, it’s just that my instinct tells me to. This route takes me through a park which I seldom visit.

Not a single streetlight was ever built here, so I’m walking in the complete dark. I’m not afraid of the dark, but I prefer light, of course, I’m not a bat, after all. As my night vision is getting better—

a figure of a lady shows up from the side of the path.

W-who?” For some reason, my heart pounds crazy. Strange, I don’t remember being afraid of anything in my life. Even near-death situations haven’t made my heart pounding in fear.

Did you forget me? Tee-hee”

Honestly speaking, I don’t remember meeting a lady recently.”

How nice of you, calling me a lady.”

Are you not?”

I suppose I am, heh.”

She walks toward me. I can’t see her face or even distinguish her clothes. I can just see a figure coming at me, should I run?

W-why are you acting like that?”

The single statement she says aloud is the last thing I can hear. “I’m hungry.”

3rd Time

June, third calendar day. I just exited my part-time job building. My heart is pounding with terror as I look around me. This street is lighted, but when I look in my apartment’s direction from this hill where the store is located, I can see dark alleys, paths, and streets. For some reason all that darkness makes me want to work until daybreak.

I can’t act like this, I need to go home. Sleeping outside is a no go, it’ll become a bad habit. Anyway, I need to prepare for tomorrow’s school day. Damn it, what’s wrong with me?

I decide to walk a path I have never even considered taking, one that has streetlights all the way until home.

8th Time

June, third calendar day. I’m going crazy. I’m begging my boss to let me sleep in the store. He won’t let me, though. I feel like committing a suicide, that’s just how much I’m afraid of the dark now. I don’t understand…!

26th Time

June, third calendar day. I feel like I’ve experienced something horrifying but I can’t remember what. I called a taxi to get me home today. I ask the driver to drive safely, for I feel like something bad is going to happen.

Once at my doorstep, I pay the driver and hurry inside before I go nuts. I’m living on the second floor, so I run up the stairs faster than I ever have. I look for the keys as I run, and once at the door, I open the door with lightning fast moves and lock the door behind me.


I put the lights on and leave my things on the floor. I’m going to shower a bit before sleep. I remove my clothes, entering the shower. I wonder why I feel so terrified. Did something happen that I don’t remember? Strange…

It’s a beautiful night, isn’t it?”

I can feel every hair on my body straighten up, a chill running down my spine. I definitely heard someone. I was just imagining things, right? Right?

You know, your taste is top tier, but not the best.”

I turn around, and a young lady stands there. I’m startled. And don’t even get me started as to why that is.

Who the hell are you!?”

Me? I’m 1/2×1/4-81. The answer is my name.”

I’m not good at math—no wait, that doesn’t matter, how did you get in here? Why are you here?”

The young lady smiles beautifully. “I’m here to consult you. It’s troubling if you’re trying to avoid me like that, so I decided to help you feel at ease a little so that you’ll behave like a good obedient boy. Got it?”

That makes no sense.” I grab my towel and tie it around my waist.

It does.”

In what way?”

You see, you’re my prey. I live by eating you.”

For some reason, that seduction sounds scary.”

I’m not seducing. I’m talking the truth. I’ve eaten your face 25 times now.”

My head is aching for some reason. “That makes no sense. Tell me, how did you get here!”

Stand still and stare me.”


Just do it.”

I suppose it won’t hurt, so I look at her, waiting for her to do something.

Do you see me?” She asks. However, the voice is coming from behind me, like she was whispering in my ear from behind. And then I realize it, she isn’t standing in front of me anymore, but somehow she’d appeared behind me. I don’t get it, I’m nuts.

I turn around to see her. Not only did she appear behind me, she also changed her clothes in that fraction of a second.

Wait, why a white gown?” That dark long loose hair combined with a white gown, if she hadn’t chosen her words so poorly I’d be excited.

Once again, she smiles beautifully. It’s like she was happy, genuinely. I wonder, what’s the meaning behind that smile? I can’t tell, and it’s not because I don’t understand women. It’s just that, her aura, I don’t know, it’s impossible to guess what she has in her mind. As a side note, it should be mentioned that I’m majoring in psychology.

Why a gown, you ask? Does it bother you?”

I don’t know, I’m troubled. She doesn’t seem to be seducing me, of that I’m certain. There has to be some other meaning behind her actions.

If you can just appear as you like, I recommend that you disappear before I call the police.”

You won’t succeed.”

How do you know?”

You can try.” She sure knows how to talk.

Just out of curiosity, I try to ignore her and see how she behaves then. So far I’ve got the idea that she wants to draw attention, which means that ignoring her may cause her to behave differently.

I walk over to my bed while grabbing boxers from the cabinet. She saw me already so I don’t care if she sees me for two seconds more. Also, this is part of my plan to test whether she hates being ignored or not. I throw myself onto the bed, closing my eyes to see if I can get some sleep.

You won’t sleep this night.”


If you do fall asleep, I might have a snack.”

Suddenly, I remember something. “Oh, right, teeth! Need to brush them.” I don’t even glance at her, I just hurry to brush my teeth so that I can sleep.

She follows me around in my apartment. What are you, a shark? And am I the boat? Nevermind, I’ll just brush my teeth and be done with this.

You know, I’m starting to feel hungry.”

After a moment of silence, I feel something sharp sinking into my right shoulder. I wail softly, then I turn around to see the culprit. Again, she smiles beautifully, her fingernail pressed into my flesh.

Stop it!”

Then stop ignoring me.”

Sheesh, that wound must be treated.”

She leaves me alone for a moment as I tend to my wound she caused. Once I have it patched up, I return to bed, only to find that damn lady sitting on my bed with that gown, moonlight unveiling her in the dark of night.

Should I help you get some sleep?” She asks, now with a mischievous smile. No matter how I look at it, she isn’t seducing me, not even with that smile of hers.

I can sleep well enough alone, thanks.”

I walk over to the bed, looking down on her who is lower than me now that she sits on the bed, and in turn, she’s looking up to me. The shadow caused by the moonlight reflects the two us on a blank wall of my apartment. As I stroke her chin for some unknown reason I can’t comprehend, her shadow turns into a huge monster that is about to swallow my shadow whole.

What are you?” I ask.

I’m face-eater.”

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