Transient Life: Book One of the Era Series

Medieval Dark Fantasy, Epic, Afterlife, Dramatic

Progress: Published (Amazon link: Click This)

Lost in a cruel fantasy world, Emily is hunted by dark creatures, aberrations that more than love to tear people apart. She isn’t struggling alone, however. A bounty hunter helps her to survive, a beautiful woman who doesn’t hesitate to spill blood. Together, they stand up to the ethereal predators with the allies they meet, fighting for the glimmer of hope with swords and sorcery, until…


Apocalyptic Life: Book Two of the Era Series

Medieval Dark Fantasy, Epic, Magic, Paranormal

Progress: Published (Amazon link: Click This)

Reality is far more complex than Emy thought. She learns the truth from Dracon after her sacrifice—partly against her will. Once again in a different world, Emy is determined to stop the obliteration of the world. She befriends an Elementalist, a woman who shares one trait with Susu, that is, she kills without hesitation, and efficiently at that. The havoc they cause together may very well doom the world, or save it from obliteration, for the destroyer of the world is set free, the malevolent serpent god unleashed, and the dark deity of Void stirred. However, the real threat is somewhere out there, lurking beyond the boundaries of the worlds, the eternal hunger that sees all.


Languished Life: Book Three of the Era Series.

Medieval Dark Fantasy, Military, Epic

Progress: Published (Amazon link: Click This)

Alexiana meets unexpected people in the next world. Right away, she is surrounded by soldiers, blades pointed at her. Their leader, a young commander, wields a massive sword no one else could ever hope to lift. She is feared as the Red Demon for her ruthlessness, and that is exactly what Alexiana needs. However, soon after arriving in the war-torn world, Alexiana learns how their worlds have come to be, and the situation is far more alarming than she thought. Out there, the eater of worlds waits patiently for the right moment.


Cataclysmic Life: Book Four of the Era Series

Medieval Dark Fantasy, Epic, Summoners, Academy

Book Progress: Published

Tenil marches with her new allies to conquer the Fifth Era, mercilessly massacring its inhabitants and seizing control of a continent in less than half a year. A victim of her cruel crusade, a destitute girl, Arza, has her tongue cut off, her friends murdered, and homeland ravaged. Without the ability to write, she can’t communicate with anyone. However, a Daeva approaches her, one that is the Butterfly of Vengeance, Thiathol. Arza makes a pact with the Daeva, thus becoming a Summoner with the power to fight Tenil’s levy.


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