Transient Life: Book One of the Era Series

Medieval Dark Fantasy, Epic, Afterlife, Dramatic

Progress: Published (Amazon link: Click This)

A young girl, Emily, finds herself in a cruel fantasy world. Mentally broken and hunted by ancient aberrations, she tries to survive in the parallel world with the aid of a beautiful woman, whose sole goal in life is to kill. Emily’s peaceful school days have thus turned into a bloodbath, one in which she may drown. However, there is hope for her, and she is more than ready to fight for that glimmer of salvation.

Emily’s wits are tested in a number of life and death situations, and when strength is needed, the killer, Susu, does the job. And once they learn what the dark creatures are, they end up fighting a centuries-long war that is about to reach its climax. It is either the end of the world, or the beginning of a new age of peace.


Apocalyptic Life: Book Two of the Era Series

Medieval Dark Fantasy, Epic, Magic, Paranormal

Progress: Published (Amazon link: Click This)

“I never thought I’d bring an apocalypse to save the world.”

The transient girl works together with an Elementalist to stop the obliteration of the world. In order to prevent it, they let the destroyers of the world clash and defeat each other. The Void, the Serpent Emperor, and the dark Titan bring forth an apocalypse the Third World will never forget.

As Louir, the Elementalist, fights to save her homeland, Dracon’s sworn enemy seeks to sacrifice yet another world. Emy, who’s lost everything dear to her, cooperates with Dracon to stop the mysterious entity. However, they have yet to learn the dark truth behind the Eight Worlds, the eternal hunger that lurks outside those worlds.


Languished Life: Book Three of the Era Series.

Medieval Dark Fantasy, Military, Epic

Progress: Published (Amazon link: Click This)

As soon as Alexiana joins Louir in the Fourth World, they are surrounded by an army led by a young woman with a ridiculously massive sword. Furthermore, the Seed of that world has already begun consuming everything, and the mysterious person whom no one can perceive reveals the truth of the eternal conflict. However, the truth is far worse than Alexiana imagined…

Thousands of Black Demons are invading the world, a new Ember Knight leading them. Louir, the Void Elementalist, cooperates with the young commander, Tenil. Together, they try to destroy the Seed that spawns the dark creatures, minions of the Old One. Should they fail, Tenil’s homeworld will be consumed by the eater of worlds.


Cataclysmic Life: Book Four of the Era Series

Medieval Dark Fantasy, Epic, Summoners, Academy

Book Progress: Editorial work in progress

Tenil marches with her new allies to conquer the Fifth Era, mercilessly massacring its inhabitants and seizing control of a continent in less than half a year. A victim of her cruel crusade, a destitute girl, Arza, has her tongue cut off, her friends murdered, and homeland ravaged. Without the ability to write, she can’t communicate with anyone. However, a Daeva approaches her, one that is the Butterfly of Vengeance, Thiathol. Arza makes a pact with the Daeva, thus becoming a Summoner with the power to fight Tenil’s levy.


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