List of Dark Fantasy Books


This list of dark fantasy books includes action and horror. Scroll down to see the horror section. I’m updating this list once in a while. Feel free to suggest more books to the list. Anything that can be considered dark fantasy is good.

Action Dark Fantasy


#The Nevernight Chronicle

#The Sacred Throne

#Darkest Drae

#King’s Dark Tidings

#Throne of Glass

#The Corruption Cycle

#Game of Thrones

#The Dark Tower

#The First Law

#Malazan Book of the Fallen


#The Way of Shadows

#Ten Tears Chronicles

#The Deathwind Trilogy

Horror Dark Fantasy

#Anna Dressed In Blood


#The Lockman Chronicles

#Blind the Eyes

Sorry about the Horror section. My knowledge in this area isn’t vast. But basically, H.P. Lovecraft, that’s what you should read if you want horror DF. Also, some of the books may not seem dark fantasy, but I’m adding books here based on what others say, and of course, the books I’ve read and deemed dark fantasy myself.

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