Dark Fantasy? Strong Female Leads? Check.

Overpowered Fantasy is a personal author platform for me, Patrik Mielonen. I’m a dark fantasy author, and I write mainly for young adults. If you’re under age 15, you shouldn’t read my works. I personally like overpowered characters, and that tends to be a theme in my books.

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My first series is Era Series, a dark fantasy story for young adults. It includes afterlife, gods, and dark creatures that more than love to tear apart anyone and everyone. The protagonist is a young girl, only twelve years old. She is accompanied by a beautiful woman, whose sole goal is to kill, kill, and kill—as long as it’s legal. It’s a medieval setting, so she is a bounty hunter, who seldom shows mercy. You can get Transient Life for free by subscribing to my newsletter!

I’m also a gamer and a 3D artist. Here’s a list of games I’ve enjoyed the most:

  • Heroes of the Storm — 8/10 My most played game.
  • Guild Wars 2 — 9/10 Overall an epic experience.
  • Dark Souls 1-2 — 10/10 I KEEP DYING! AAARGH!
  • Nioh — 9/10 More dying…
  • Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice — 10/10 Even more dying…!
  • NieR: Automata — 11/10 mAst[e]rpiECe!
  • Witcher 3 — 10/10 Bloody, but beautiful!
  • Warframe — 8/10 Ninjas play free!


If you want to know more about me, here’s a short bio; I’m a healthy Finnish male. I like video games and books, and I also love 3D art. I go fishing a lot in the summer. Ah, and I don’t like writing in Finnish, as odd as it is. I prefer English for some funny reason.


5 thoughts on “Home

  1. Hi I’ve got transients and apocalyptic is the third book exspensive? I haven’t read them yet I’ve been sick so I’ve not been in real good shape for a while but I’m getting better.

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    1. If you downloaded Apocalyptic from a giveaway, it’s not the full book (I did my best to make it clear on the giveaway page by naming it “preview”). I’ve enrolled it in Kindle Unlimited, so basically, it’s still free-to-read, but I’m not allowed to share the whole book publicly. You can find links to Amazon from the “Books” page. And as for Languished, it isn’t finished just yet, but it’ll be on Kindle Unlimited in March, so I suppose you can call it free, but if you don’t have KU, the ebook will be 3-4 dollars, and the print 8 dollars. The same applies to AL. (If you want to see the progress of my books, you can check the Books page. Atm Languished Life is 90% done, and once that is done, I’ll do some editorial work and start working on publishing it.) Anyway, thanks for downloading my books! I really appreciate it! And I hope you get better soon! ;D

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