Dark Fantasy? Strong Female Leads? Check.

Overpowered Fantasy is a personal author platform for me, Patrik Mielonen. I’m a dark fantasy author, and I write mainly for young adults. If you’re under age 15, you shouldn’t read my works. I’ve adopted my style from different cultures, inspired by my own taste for fiction. I personally like overpowered characters, but I DESPISE superheroes. In case you’re wondering what’s the difference, an overpowered character is a person who doesn’t have competition, whereas superheroes seldom come without a villain. I really don’t know how to praise overpowered characters without making it out to be a dull thing, so I won’t touch the topic any further.


My first series is Era Series, a dark fantasy story for young adults. It includes afterlife, gods, and dark creatures that more than love to tear apart anyone and everyone. The protagonist is a young girl, only twelve years old. She is accompanied by a beautiful woman, whose sole goal is to kill, kill, and kill—as long as it’s legal. It’s a medieval setting, so she is a bounty hunter, who seldom shows mercy. You can get Transient Life for free by subscribing to my newsletter!

I’m also a gamer and a 3D artist. Here’s a list of games I’ve enjoyed the most:

  • Heroes of the Storm — 8/10 My most played game.
  • Guild Wars 2 — 9/10 Overall an epic experience.
  • Dark Souls 1-2 — 10/10 I KEEP DYING! AAARGH!
  • Nioh — 9/10 More dying…
  • NieR: Automata — 11/10 mAst[e]rpiECe!
  • Witcher 3 — 10/10 Bloody, but beautiful!
  • Warframe — 8/10 Ninjas play free!

I don’t have any 3D models to show at the moment, but I will have some in a couple of months. I’ll post them here. I’ve finished a few small projects, but I don’t want to showcase them. I’m currently working on a certain character, and once she is ready, you’ll see her dance (at some point).

If you want to know more about me, here’s a short bio; I’m a healthy Finnish male. I like video games and books, and I also love 3D art. I go fishing a lot during summers. Ah, and I don’t like writing in Finnish, as odd as it is. I prefer English for some funny reason.


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